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LA PLAINE-3 Bedroom Bungalow Fixer on 3599.sq.ft. of Land
Casse O Gowrie
La Plaine
FURTHER Reduction!! US$44,639

A quaint three (3) bedroom concrete bungalow in the heart of the south eastern village of La Plaine on... More Info
CASTLE COMFORT-4 Contiguous Portions of Residential or Commercial Land
Castle Comfort

Four (4) contiguous portions of land making up a total of 12,474 square feet located in an ideal... More Info
PORTSMOUTH-1722.sq.ft. Flat Residential Lot
Harbour Lane
REDUCED Price!! US$20,460

A 1,722 square feet residential lot situated approximately 50 feet west of Harbour Lane in Portsmouth.... More Info
SYLVANIA-Large Family Home on Beautiful 1.048 Acre Garden
HUGE Reduction!! US$299,000

Strategically placed on a flat portion of rain forest containing 1.048 acres, is a well appointed three... More Info
CASTLE COMFORT-Well Situated Elevated Gently Sloping Residential Lot
Castle Comfort

An elevated gently sloping residential lot at upper Castle Comfort half way along the Giraudel/Castle... More Info
ROSEAU CENTRAL-Commercial Fixer On 8599.50.sq.ft. Of Land
King George V St.

It is very hard to find a large commercial lot for sale in the city of Roseau. It is even harder to find... More Info
ROSEAU CENTRAL-Fixer On 738.sq.ft. Of Land
Kings Lane

It is getting harder to find commercial properties in the city of Roseau for sale. Here is your... More Info
BATH ESTATE-Newly Constructed All Purpose 2 Storey Building
Bath Estate

An 85% complete prime real estate with great potential for further development suiting your own ideas on... More Info
MORNE DANIEL-Prime 30077.sq.ft. Relatively Flat Lot In Upscale Community
Morne Daniel (lower)

Two (2) contiguous and well laid out plots of land totaling 30,077 square feet (20,059 square feet and... More Info
CANEFIELD EAST-2 Storey Traditional Home With Panoramic Sea Views
Canefield East (lower)
Reduced Offer!! US$200,876

A traditional home standing tall in an elevated area at Lower Canefield East and commanding panoramic... More Info

  346 listings meet your search criteria.   Viewing   21 - 30  
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BELLES- 1.12 Acre Beauty

CASTLE COMFORT -Simply Adorable

BELLES -1.75 acres of Elevated Country Land

WARNER- Flat Residential Lot with Panoramic Views

LOUBIERE-Water Front Property-2 Storey 3 Apt House on 3594.sq.ft.

CASTAWAYS -Adorable Family Home

PONT CASSE -Cool Privacy

SAN SAUVER -Tastefully Built Wooden Cottage

BELLES- 1.12 Acre Beauty

MACOUCHERIE- 1.731 acres with Great Sea View

SYNDICATE -Nature Treat

WALLHOUSE- Attractive 2 Storey Home With Apartments

WARNER-3 Bedroom Newly Constructed Cozy Home

COTTON HILL -Newly Built 3 Bedroom House

MARIGOT- 1.40 Acres Overlooking Melville Hall Airport

BEAU BOIS-Exceptional Home with Swimming Pool overlooking the sea

CALIBISHIE-Fine Plot with Ocean View and Bounding Stream

RIVER ESTATE -Lovely 2 Storey Family Home on Half an Acre

PONT CASSE -Cool Privacy

RIVER ESTATE -Lovely 2 Storey Family Home on Half an Acre

PICARD- 3 Storey Apartment Building with additional building

BOETICA- 4.029 Acres Of Lush Property

CASTAWAYS -Adorable Family Home

VIEILLE CASE -Spacious Family Home

BELFAST -Majestic 2 Storey Home

PICARD- 3 Storey Apartment Building with additional building

COTTON HILL -Newly Built 3 Bedroom House

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