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BELLEVUE CHOPIN-2.00 Acres Of Lovely Vacant Land
Bellevue Chopin

A beautiful portion of gently sloping to sloping land in an area commonly known as Cavalier in the cool,... More Info
GALLION-24 Acre Large Agricultural or Development Plot Of Mainly Flat Land

Here is your opportunity to own 24.00 acres of mainly flat to gently sloping fertile land on a mountain... More Info
COLIHAUT-Cozy Traditional Bungalow on 952.sq.ft. of Land
near Portsmouth

A traditional home nestled in the western section of the village perimeter of the community of Colihaut... More Info
ZABRICO HEIGHTS-Newly Built 3 Bedroom 2 Bath Home On 10040.sq.ft.
Zabrico Heights

Situated in the heights of Mahaut in an area more commonly known as Zabrico Heights is a charming three... More Info
WELLNESS ESTABLISHMENT-Full Service Wellness/Spa/Therapy Center
22 Hillsborough St.
Roseau Central
For Lease / Sale US$140,000

The only established full service Wellness Center in the city and Dominica offering Ionic Foot Detox,... More Info
LA PLAINE-3 Bedroom Bungalow Fixer on 3599.sq.ft. of Land
Casse O Gowrie
La Plaine
FURTHER Reduction!! US$44,639

A quaint three (3) bedroom concrete bungalow in the heart of the south eastern village of La Plaine on... More Info
CASTLE COMFORT-4 Contiguous Portions of Residential or Commercial Land
Castle Comfort

Four (4) contiguous portions of land making up a total of 12,474 square feet located in an ideal... More Info
PORTSMOUTH-1722.sq.ft. Flat Residential Lot
Harbour Lane
REDUCED Price!! US$20,460

A 1,722 square feet residential lot situated approximately 50 feet west of Harbour Lane in Portsmouth.... More Info
SYLVANIA-Large Family Home on Beautiful 1.048 Acre Garden
HUGE Reduction!! US$299,000

Strategically placed on a flat portion of rain forest containing 1.048 acres, is a well appointed three... More Info
CASTLE COMFORT-Well Situated Elevated Gently Sloping Residential Lot
Castle Comfort

An elevated gently sloping residential lot at upper Castle Comfort half way along the Giraudel/Castle... More Info

  349 listings meet your search criteria.   Viewing   21 - 30  
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BELLES- 1.12 Acre Beauty

MACOUCHERIE- 1.731 acres with Great Sea View

LOUBIERE-Water Front Property-2 Storey 3 Apt House on 3594.sq.ft.

SAN SAUVER -Tastefully Built Wooden Cottage

BOETICA- 4.029 Acres Of Lush Property

PICARD- 3 Storey Apartment Building with additional building

SYNDICATE -Nature Treat

COTTON HILL -Newly Built 3 Bedroom House

WARNER-3 Bedroom Newly Constructed Cozy Home

BELFAST -Majestic 2 Storey Home

BELLES -1.75 acres of Elevated Country Land

CASTAWAYS -Adorable Family Home

CASTAWAYS -Adorable Family Home

MARIGOT- 1.40 Acres Overlooking Melville Hall Airport

BEAU BOIS-Exceptional Home with Swimming Pool overlooking the sea

PONT CASSE -Cool Privacy

WARNER- Flat Residential Lot with Panoramic Views

VIEILLE CASE -Spacious Family Home

WALLHOUSE- Attractive 2 Storey Home With Apartments

RIVER ESTATE -Lovely 2 Storey Family Home on Half an Acre

RIVER ESTATE -Lovely 2 Storey Family Home on Half an Acre

COTTON HILL -Newly Built 3 Bedroom House

PONT CASSE -Cool Privacy

BELLES- 1.12 Acre Beauty

PICARD- 3 Storey Apartment Building with additional building

CASTLE COMFORT -Simply Adorable

CALIBISHIE-Fine Plot with Ocean View and Bounding Stream

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